From time to time I get a good e-mail. I now will post them in this section, I hope you enjoy the sharing of others input as much as I have.



Say that half the flood came from springs from within the earth and the other half of the flood came from the forty days and forty nights of deluge rain Approx. 8,000 ft of it. That is an average of 200 ft of rain a day or 100 inches of rain per hour. The record modern day rainfall is on some island 53 inches in a 12-hour period. Any modern day cloud formation cannot produce this much rain. Back in Noah's day people lived about ten times as long as they do now. Why? Well there is a simple explanation. In Noah's day there was an extremely large atmospheric ring around the earth that protected it's inhabitants from cosmic radiation, which no longer exists. When it did exist, it aided an increased life span. Well, this ring contained an incredible amount of water vapor and explains the 8,000-ft of rain or so that occurred in forty days and forty nights. Back in Noah's day there were probably other boats. Any open boat of that day sunk from the incredible deluge of rain. The roof on Noah's boat allowed it to survive. The earth apparently changed its Axis either during or around the time of the flood. Fossil evidence supports this theory, and the Bermuda triangle is nothing more than the old magnetic north. The fossil strata here in South Carolina is loaded with Whale and Shark Material denoting a major feeding ground during and before the flood. Every year Whales still go to Arctic Water's to feed on Krill {a very large plankton} Back in Noah's days the Giant Megalodon Sharks were there to join them. All fossils and rock strata on a world wide level show evidence of crystallization or compression from being 16,000 feet or so underwater. There is also a layer of Radioactive clay that is from around five to twenty feet deep. Dust forms silt in water and then becomes clay. From many studies it seems certain that this clay radioactive clay is not native to the Earth and came from outer space. The large atmospheric ring of Noah's day most certainly attracted Cosmic Dust and when the deluge of rain took place, brought it down to earth. It later settled forming this layer of clay. The ice age is nothing more than the repositioned {earth axis change} polar ice cap going though it's melting process. Fossil Records are all the same general age; the only differences being the species change with geographical location. Every time the evolutionists make a new discovery, just like the one they just made in Africa they say this changes everything. If they based their studies on the Bible instead, they just might learn something. God is sovereign.

Hope you enjoyed my input.

Sincerely Robert E. Black




Ever since I heard the First story of the Ark in my youth of a boy being taken to see it

by his father, I have been absolutely fascinated by it. It has always been a personal

dream and desire to climb the mountain, to see the Ark Myself, explore it thoroughly,

study it's structures in detail, and of course to touch it's parts with my hand. Not as

any form of proof, for I need no proof, but only to see such a great construction and

handy-work of an ancient ancestor, and to trend the same ground with my own feet as did

they so long ago.


All my life I've hoped someone would go up and find it, bringing back pictures to see

in detail. I am now 54 years old, and old Vietnam War Injuries are slowly taking me down.

Perhaps I'll not see it till I'm standing with the Lord one day. It's been a very long

wait indeed. This stupid World of Satan with it's Wars and Idiotic Politics. I would

think everyone on the Planet would want to see it, and give anything to do so. But I

guess they are all far too busy stuffing their Stomachs, and Filling their pockets

and looking for so called pleasures, and existing lower than even the animals. At least

from your website and the others, I've learned much and have been thrilled by the

written accounts of those who did see it.




PS: IF there are to be any on-foot expeditions to the Ark, keep me in mind I'M GAME FOR

IT, with Arctic Experience.




My name is Amber Kelley and I am a senior in high school. I live in New

Hampshire and I am interested in anything that I can find regarding the

location and condition of Noah's Ark. That is the topic of my Senior

Research paper, and I found your website very useful. I'm afraid that I

can't offer you any information that may help you in your quest. I do

know that Dr. Kent Hovind's videos regarding Creation vs. Evolution were

informative and interesting to me. I remember that he made references to

the Ark and the Flood on a few occasions.

I don't know where you stand with Jesus Christ, but He's the most

influential and important person in my life. I've been saved for years

and I've grown up with Him governing my life. I'm interested in the Ark

because I believe that it can be a useful tool in sharing the power of

God with friends and family. I'd appreciate anything else that you could

offer me, even though I've found that your website is quite extensive.

Thanks for your time - have a great day!

~Amber Kelley




Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for your efforts in

creating/maintaining the website about Noah's Ark. We are a homeschooling

family, and currently teaching about the ark. I found your site via AOL

search engine, and it has been incredibly instrumental in motivating these

young minds to understanding the reality of this event. No longer just a

pleasant Sunday morning coloring page for these kids!

Peace to you,

K Morris



This brings me to tears! To see what the Lord said come to life!


I believe!


Jay Crofford

Webster, NY