Yes this is true. ONE MILLION DOLLARS for the discovery of Noah's ark! Read on...


Noah's Ark Alliance

Policies and Procedures



The Reward


The Noah's Ark Alliance, hereinafter referred to as the

NAA, will give a reward of $1 million (U.S.) to any person

or group who finds the ancient, biblical Noah's ark and

confirms its present existence by offering

incontrovertible, scientific proof to the NAA before

December 31, 2000.


Policies and Procedures


1. The NAA's singular purpose is to encourage the discovery

of Noah's ark, then with the help of a panel of experts, to

review and evaluate evidence, to present the reward, and to

make appropriate public announcements. The mission of the

NAA is not to fund or be involved in expeditions. That

will be the task of others.


2. Claimants should submit complete, self-justifying

evidence in the English language only to the Noah's Ark

Alliance, 3235 Satellite Blvd., Suite 555, Duluth, Georgia,

30096, USA. Include all details, documents, photographs,

artifacts, results of scientific testing, video tapes,

maps, testimonies and all other possible, specific evidence

that would be necessary for a complete evaluation. Claims

that merely make a general statement such as, "I know where

the ark is," or "The ark is at such and such location" will

not be considered valid unless accompanied by actual proof.

 The reward will not be given merely for information about

the location of Noah's ark, but for incontrovertible,

scientific proof of its existence as stated above.


3. Valid entries must include contact information to

enable the NAA to respond to claimants. Include complete

mailing address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail

address, if available. Unless contact information is

included, the entry will not be considered valid.


4. Members of the panel of experts who will assist the NAA

evaluate the claims, or anyone officially associated with

the NAA, will not be eligible for the reward.


5. If two or more people or groups submit the same claim

information and proof, which prove valid, the reward will

go to the one that arrives at the NAA office first. All

claims will be date- and time-stamped upon arrival. In the

event one claimant provides information before another

claimant but does not provide the required proof, the

reward will be given to the person who first provides the

required proof.


6. The NAA reserves the right to require additional

information and justification. The NAA also reserves the

right to require an on-site verification visit either by

themselves or by their designated representatives, as well

as independent scientific testing to determine dating and



7. If some person or group knows the ark's location but

does not have the actual, needed proof, it will be the

responsibility of the claimant to arrange for the proof,

such as by engaging a qualified search team whose work

would be considered credible by the scientific world and by

the NAA. In such cases, the claimant and the search team

should establish a formal, legal agreement for sharing the

reward before the claim and proof are submitted to the NAA.

 Provide the NAA with a copy of the legal agreement.


8. As previously stated, the reward will be for proof. If

as in number 7 above there is no agreement, the NAA may

determine that a person or group who provides the actual

verification and proof may, by virtue of their efforts, be

worthy of all or a portion of the reward.


9. The NAA will have the sole right to determine the

validity of any claim, and will have final authority on the

determination of a reward recipient or recipients. The

determination of what constitutes proof and who should be

assigned the reward rests solely with the NAA, with final

approval necessary by the entities supplying the reward

money. All decisions by the NAA are final.


10. The length of time required after the final proof is

submitted and until the reward money is assigned will

depend upon the amount of verification required and

problems encountered, such as verification access to the

claimed site, which could be affected by such things as

weather and required permissions. The NAA is not committed

to a specific time frame for assigning the reward, but will

in good faith act as expeditiously and as soon as possible

after December 31, 2000.


11. Neither the NAA nor any of the experts or others who

may be consulted takes responsibility or accepts liability

for the safe passage of expeditions to locate the ark and

to make claims according to this offer. Those who search

for the ark in pursuit of the reward do so at their own

risk. Neither do they accept any liability for expenses

incurred by claimants.


12. Entries and evidence submitted will become the property

of the NAA. Claimants are encouraged to keep a personal

copy for their records.



Noah's Ark Alliance

3235 Satellite Blvd., Suite 555

Duluth, Georgia, 30096 USA