This was no local flood. Local floods come and go in a matter of days; the flood on Noah lasted over a year, the greater portion of which was required for the water to subside.

How unreasonable to believe that Noah spent perhaps 50, 60 or even 120 years building a huge vessel of more than one million cubic feet in volume for the survival of his family and all those animals from a mere local flood ! ( He could of just moved as lot did )

If only a small area was affected, why the need of bringing into the ark specimens of "every living sort of flesh" in order to "preserve offspring alive on the surface of the entire earth" ? ( Gen. 6:19 : 7:3 )

Definitely this was a GLOBAL deluge the like of which never occurred before or since. "The waters overwhelmed the earth so greatly ALL the tall mountains that were under the WHOLE heavens came to be covered. Up to 15 cubits ( about 22 feet ) the waters overwhelmed them and the mountains became covered." ( Gen 7:19, 20 )

"The end of ALL flesh has come before me," God said, hence "I will wipe EVERY existing thing that I have made off the surface of the ground." And it was just so. "Everything in which the breath of the force of life was active in its nostrils," died. EVERY living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out; men and animals and the creatures that move along the ground and the birds of the air were wiped from the earth. Only Noah was left, and those with him in the ark. ( Gen. 6:13; 7:4, 22, 23 )

God promised he would never again destroy the earth in a flood like this one, yet great local floods have ravaged the earth down through the ages, killing millions. The Flood of Noah is clearly unique, it was one of a kind.


A last thought. My friends and I agree, we can't say to the world we have truly located and FOUND Noah's Ark until teams of qualified scientists and archaeologists, using the latest test methods of carbon dating, etc, collectively agree the structures resting at approx 15,000 and 16,000 feet on Ararat are truly pieces of the Ark of Noah. I don't expect to see a sign in the living quarters stating "Noah Slept Here".





The Judgment of the Old World


The Flood's beginning is dated in terms of Noah's life, the 600 th year, month 2, day 17, of the calendar then in use. Most ancient calendars began in the late fall. Josephus tells us (Ant. I, 3, 3) that it was in that time we would call the very end of October and the beginning of November. We are also told in v. 11 that the Flood began when all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and then the rains began. This points, as Henry M. Morris has pointed out, to volcanic activity that led to explosions and eruptions that poured forth great tidal waves of water, both hot and cold, over all the earth. Expanding and cooling gases, with endless ash and dust in the air, led to torrential downpours of rain all over the earth. The words in v. 11, "broken up" are in the Hebrew "cleaving open." Such volcanic activity, and the gasses from it, would have killed all who were in the areas of occurrence. The high waters which covered the earth, very hot in some areas, radically cold in others, killed the rest. The source of the Flood waters was thus both subterranean and atmospheric.





Acts & Facts

Vol. 32 No. 9 September 2003 Online Issue No. 37

Dr. John's Questions and Answers

Did Noah's Flood Cover the Himalayan Mountains?

by John D. Morris, Ph.D.*

Few doctrines in Scripture are as clearly taught as the global nature of the Great Flood in Noah's day. Genesis clearly teaches that "the waters . . . increased greatly . . . and the mountains were covered" (Genesis 7:18-20).

Through the centuries, few Christians questioned this doctrine. The Bible said it, and that was enough-until the late 1700s that is. For the first time the globe was being explored-the extremely lofty Himalayan Mountains were surveyed, capped by Mt. Everest at 29,035 feet in elevation. Did the waters cover them? Is there enough water on the planet to do so? The questions seemed so far-fetched that many European churchmen dismissed the idea that the Flood was global, adopting the local flood concept which still dominates Christian colleges and seminaries today. Like dominos, other doctrines soon began to fall-the young age for the earth, the special creation of plants and animals, and the inerrancy of Scripture.

We now know, of course, that the earth has plenty of water to launch a global flood. It has been calculated that if the earth's surface were completely flat, with no high mountains and no deep ocean basins, that water would cover the earth to a depth of about 8,000 feet. But is there enough water to cover a 29,035 foot mountain?

The key is to remember that the Flood didn't have to cover the present Earth, but it did have to cover the pre-Flood Earth, and the Bible teaches that the Flood fully restructured the earth. "The world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished" (II Peter 3:6). It is gone forever. The earth of today was radically altered by that global event.

That Flood accomplished abundant geologic work. Eroding sediments here, re-depositing them there, pushing up continents, elevating plateaus, denuding terrains, etc., so that the earth today is quite different from before. Today even mountain ranges rise high above the sea.

Mt. Everest and the Himalayan range, along with the Alps, the Rockies, the Appalachians, the Andes, and most of the world's other mountains are composed of ocean-bottom sediments, full of marine fossils laid down by the Flood. Mt. Everest itself has clam fossils at its summit. These rock layers cover an extensive area, including much of Asia. They give every indication of resulting from cataclysmic water processes. These are the kinds of deposits we would expect to result from the worldwide, world-destroying Flood of Noah's day.

At the end of the Flood, after thick sequences of sediments had accumulated, the Indian subcontinent evidently collided with Asia, crumpling the sediments into mountains. Today they stand as giants-folded and fractured layers of ocean-bottom sediments at high elevations. No, Noah's Flood didn't cover the Himalayas, it formed them!

Thus we find the Biblical account not only possible, but also supported by the evidence. A pre-Flood world with lessened topographic extremes could have been covered by the Great Flood. That Flood caused today's high mountains and deep oceans making such a flood impossible to repeat. This is just as God promised, back in Genesis.

*Dr. John D. Morris is President of ICR.