The Explorers of Ararat

by: B.J. Corbin

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Riddle of Ararat

by: Robbin Simmons

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BONUS FOOTAGE: Fly around and above Ararat.

See rare close up views.

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The Flood Series


(Four messages on the evidence for the flood and its significance.)


A Geologist Looks at Noah's Flood - Evidence for the flood and Ice Age.

The Deluge - Filmed at Mt. Ararat. Answers questions on the flood and the Ark. 29 min.

The Search for Noah's Ark - Beautiful video on Mount Ararat and the various Ark-search expeditions

A Geological Perspective on the Age of the Earth - Scientific evidence for recent creation.

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Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure


GREAT for Children as well as Adults.

This easy to understand book offers some of the best photos of Ararat and surrounding area's close to Ararat.

Also offer's many answers to Dinosaurs, Flood Water, Ice age, and much more..

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